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2011 August

Editors Input

The First Indestructible Transistor

Advances in the New Beacon microcontroller

VHF Yagi Aerials

PDF icon VHF Bulletin August 2011.pdf
2011 April

A Tribute to Cecil Andrews VK6AO

Editors Note

Activities Officer

Aeriel Pre-Amplifers 6m - 23cm

Signal Chatter

PDF icon VHF Bulletin APRIL 2011.pdf
2010 October

Editors Note

Activity Review 2009 - 2010

VK100WIA Wireless Hill Event


PDF icon VHF Bulletin October 2010.pdf
2009 August

Editors Note

Club Activities

Technical Articles:

Field Strength Meters

Rod Antenna Design

PDF icon VHF Bulletin Aug 2009.pdf
2008 August

Editors Notes and Software Defined Radio Luigi Iemi VK6YEH

Beacon Refurbishment

Beacon Update Project

Remote Beacon Project

A Simple Way of Building Prototype Circuits with Surface Mount Devices Fritz Berrer VK6UZ

High Side Current Measurement Luigi Iemi VK6YEH

PDF icon August 2008.pdf
2007 August

Editors Notes Luigi Iemi VK6YEH
1296 MHz Amplifier Purchase
Beacon Update Project
Remote Beacon Project
Beacon Monitoring Project
An Experimental DC/DC Coverter Alan Woods VK6ZWZ
Adapter Board for Jupiter GPS Module Luigi Iemi VK6YEH
Quadrifilar Helix Antennas Terry Leitch VK6ZLT

PDF icon August 2007.pdf
2006 August

Editors Notes Luigi Iemi VK6YEH

Field Day Results

Wireless Hill Museum Ham Shack Proposal

Member Project Financial Assistance

Beacon Monitoring Project

Foundation License

A T/R Switch Interface for PreAmps Alan Woods VK6ZWZ

A Field Day 2 Metre Antenna Luigi Iemi VK6YEH

PDF icon August 2006.pdf
2004 July

News and Events Ben Rampling VK6IC

Radio Mobile Software Package, A Review Don Grahame VK6HK

Spring Scramble

PDF icon July 2004.pdf
2004 March

Editors Notes Ben Rampling VK6IC

South West Coast APRS Coverage Chris Hill VK6KCH

Field Day

New Beacons Operational Walter Howse VK6KZ

Activities for 2004 Terry Leitch VK6ZLT

First VK6 for DXCC on 6m Walter Howse VK6KZ

Boxing Day 2003 Duct Leigh Rainbird VK2KRR

PDF icon March 2004.pdf
2003 July

Editors Notes Ben Rampling VK6IC

Spring Scramble


PDF icon July 2003.pdf