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2003 May

Editors Notes Ben Rampling VK6TLA

Reusing WXtrack

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2003 March

Editors Notes Ben Rampling VK6TLA

10 GHz Antenna Range Notes Terry Grammer VK6TRG

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2003 January

Editors Notes Ben Rampling VK6TLA

Field Day

APRS Primer Ben Rampling VK6TLA

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2002 March

Editors Notes Luigi Iemi VK6YEH

EM Anomalies and Earthquakes

Fox Hunt Group

Why More Entry Level Privileges are Needed

Club Activities

Field Day

Scalar Network Analyzer Alan Edgar VK6ZAY

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2002 January

Editors Notes Luigi Iemi VK6YEH

Remote Keyer with Fault Detection Software Luigi Iemi VK6YEH

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2001 March

Editors Notes

Field Day

Letters to the Editor

Six Months of 50 MHz in Broome Bill Webber VK6JQ

Remote Keyer

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1996 April

Field Day Rules

Beacon Committee

AO-13 Attitude Schedules

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1996 February

2.4 GHz Contacts

Propagation Up and Down the West Australian Coast on 2.4 GHz

Field Day Results Terry Leitch VK6ZLT

More Contacts on 24.048 GHz, The 1 Centimetre Band

Much Activity on Microwave Frequencies During the Ross Hull Contest

Beacon Committee

Beacon from VK5 on 2403.450 MHz Heard for First Time in WA

Field Day Contest Summary

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1995 September

Beacon Committee

New 10 GHz Narrow Band Transverter

Building the VK6HK Keyer

VHF Field Day

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1995 July

Beacon Committee

Another VK5 2.4 GHz Receiver Working


Azimuth and Elevation Rotator Digital Readout Ces Andrews VK6AU

Hints for VHF/UHF Portable Operation Walter Howse VK6KZ

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