Below are links to past newsletters, The Official Bulleton of the WA VHF Group.

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1992 January

Beacon News

Alford Slot

Satellite Television

Ideas for Articles

Editors Notes Jack Borthen VK6KDX

South Australian Beacons

Opening to VK5


PDF icon January 1992.pdf
1991 November

Last Bulletin Colin Murray VK6ZCR

For Sale

Orbital Elements

Committee Positions


Crystal Bank

Filter Specification Sheets


PDF icon November 1991.pdf
1991 September

Busselton Beacon Repairs

LDF50 and MOCOM 70 Sales

NASA Status Reports

Orbital Elements

Materials (WIA)

Filter Specification Sheets

Materials (WA VHF Group)

PDF icon September 1991.pdf
1991 July

6 Metre Capers

NASA to Launch NOAA-D Meteorological Satellite

Finishing Aluminium ARRL

For Sale

Inductor Specification Sheets

Materials (WIA)

Materials (WA VHF Group)


PDF icon July 1991.pdf
1991 May

Notes from the Editor

Amidon Associates Toroidal Core Specification Sheet

Seeking Expressions of Interest on PCB Production Craig Chew VK6CC

6 Metre News Broadcast Received in New Zealand

QSL Cards

PDF icon May 1991.pdf
1991 January

Further Adventures in Microsats Colin Murray VK6ZCR

ERP and EIRP Calculator G4JUJ

For Sale

A TX/RX Changeover Timing System I.M. Waters G8ADE

The Twelve Computerized Days of Christmas Author Unknown

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1990 October

E.M.E. Dave Blashchke W5UN

Crystal Bank


PDF icon October 1990.pdf