January 2016 Technical Talk

Remote Radio Control

The technical talk at the January monthly meeting was given by Rob VK6LD. Rob's system is using a ICON 706 with a pair of remote boxes, one radio box attached to the radio at his QTH and the control attached to head of the radio at his portable station. Between the remote boxes is some form of network, ethernet network or internet. At the end there was a small show, tell and demonstration of listening on different bands at his QTH in Albany, and a look at the web interface to the remote unit.

So the crux of it is, Rob can sit in his car with a good 3/4G connection and remote control his rig at his QTH in Albany. That gives me an extended definition of going 'mobile' or 'portable'.

More information from the links below, Remote Rig USA manufacturer, and complete presentation pdf of Rob's talk.

Appreciate the talk Rob.


Rob's Presentation