March 2016 Technical Talk

Surface Mount Soldering by Terry, VK6ZLT

Terry took us through details on SMD soldering, including SM components, tools needed, flux and solder.

At the next Activity Day, April 2, there'll be a chance to try and practice techniques in soldering.


Intro to Surface Mount Device

Intro to SMD Soldering

Links from the handouts. There's plenty of videos on the web to get a good grounding on SMD soldering. Check out some below.

Surface Mount Soldering tutorials
Surface mount soldering tutorial
Some random hints for SMD soldering
How To Solder SMD Using Solder Paste at the Bench. Solder Like a Pro.
DIY Vacuum pump
Home built SMD reflow oven
SMD physical Sizes
SMD with hot air
SMD soldering techniques
Identify SMD capacitors