Tribute to Bob VK6ZFY

It is with a sad heart to announce that Bob Pine VK6ZFY became a silent key on Saturday 2nd July.

Before he had an Amateur Radio licence, Bob was an avid Model Aircraft builder/flyer along with Tony Howes VK6XP, Ross Tolchard VK6ZED/VK6KAT, Graham Byass VK6BY and possibly others. It seemed to be a natural progression from building their own radio controlled aircraft equipment before such things were commercially available, into the world of amateur radio.

Bob obtained his amateur radio licence in 1965 and was very active on 144 and 432 MHz SSB. He was one of the original instigators (approx. mid 1970’s) of the Perth 144 MHz SSB Evening Net and also regularly participated in early morning skeds on 2m and 70cm with stations in South West WA.

He achieved many Interstate and Overseas Sporadic E contacts on 52MHz and later on 50MHz, and participated in 6m Meteor Scatter skeds with VK5 stations.

Bob was passionately involved with the early OSCAR Satellites, and also copied signals from the 137 MHz NOAA. Weather Satellites to produce weather image information.

He achieved a 10GHz contact between Cape Naturaliste and the hills above Harvey using surplus Tellurometers.

He was still making nightly contacts on 144 MHz until a week or so, prior to his death, at the age of a month short of 96 years.

Bob served in the RAAF in World War II. He lost an eye and had a pronounced limp as he walked. These did not hold him back. He was a surveyor and these skills helped him when working portable and calculated the distance of contacts and determining grid locators.

In retirement, his interest in gemmology took him to many inland places in the search for marvellous stones. On these trips he operated portable and provided many long haul 144MHz contacts. These provided an opportunity to build up Grid Locators and show propagation over land in contrast to experiences with overwater paths.

Bob Pine gave so much to the WA VHF Group over the years. He was President in 1980-81 and Secretary from 1987 to 1996.

Thanks Bob!!!

Vale Bob

Wally Howse VK6KZ

Thanks to Phil VK6ZKO, Glen VK6IQ, Terry VK6ZLT, IanVK6TWJ and Graham VK6RO who contributed to this tribute.

NB: "skeds" is a scheduled contact between radio operators.

This tribule came from the August 2016 newletter. Go here to read the whole newsletter.