VK6RPH - 2019, Re-Build

VK6RPH has been re-built as a multimode digital beacon. It consists of 2 x 2RU enclosures.

The main beacon controller can drive up to 4 x ZLPLL boards, so 4 beacon frequencies can be simultaneously driven using a single controller. It has an integrated GPS receiver, LCD display for status information, a 10MHz reference. and can generate CW, JT4, JT65 and WSPR signals. VK6RPH is using 6m, 2m, 70cm & 23cm . The ZLPLL boards are a frequency agile synthesizer based on the Analog Devices ADF4351 PLL chip.  Their 10MHz reference is an oven controlled xtal oscillator (OCXO) that has excellent frequency stability making it suitable for use on WSJT modes.

VK6RPH, Power Amplifiers

The second enclosure contains 4 x PA's which are based on Mitsubishi RA series of MOSFET modules.

The new beacon has been installed at Wireless Hill until a suitable location is found.

It operates on:

  • 50.066MHz @15W  CW, JT65B, JT4D.
  • 144.460MHz @20W  CW, JT65C, JT4F.
  • 432.460MHz @ 20W  CW, JT4F.
  • 1296.460MHz @ 9W  CW, JT4F.

Each mode runs a one minute cycle.


  • 2m, 70cm & 23cm radiate via a Diamond X-5000 tri-band vertical antenna through a Diamond MX3300MN Triplexer.
    • 2m using 8m 9914 with stated insertion loss of 0.4dB and stated gain of 4.5dB.
    • 70cm using 8m 9914 with stated insertion loss of 0.7dB and stated gain of 8.3dB.
    • 23cm using 8m 9914 with stated insertion loss of 1.2dB and stated gain of 11.7dB.
  • 6m radiates via a cut down CB Ringo, 5/8 vertical(4.5dB) fed with ~6m of RG58

Both antennas are approximately 46m ASL.

Thanks goes out to all the members who have supported the development and building of the new beacon.

Special thanks goes to:

  • Wayne, ZL2BKC designed and built the controller, the PLL boards and 10MHz reference.
  • Rick, VK6RK constructed the beacon in 6 months in 2018.
  • Bob, VK6KW installed the beacon at Wireless Hill, January 2019.

As of 10 January 2019, the beacon is in test mode.